Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Notes for Installing Rockstor 3.8 on VMware Workstation 12.5

I ran into a little hiccup on a new Rockstor 3.8 NAS setup today. After some quick searching on their support forum I ran across someone who was also using VMware Workstation 12.5 having the exact issue.

There appears to be a bug with this type of test environment where no UUID is assigned to any of the disks you add to your guest. To fix this you must edit the virtual machine's VMX file and add the following line to the end of the file:


Once you do that, save the file and restart your NAS. You will now see the disks have been detected.

It is no joke either that their support forum is very responsive and helpful! Even with this minor issue, this still is the easiest and quickest NAS solution out there without spending a fortune. The update subscription service is also very reasonably priced and if I ever use this in production I will be signing up. 

My original report: