Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Time to Learn Docker

I've been quite busy lately. Not long after my last blog post I was blessed with a great opportunity to finally enter the enterprise IT realm.

Oh the things I've begun to learn and have been asked to learn. Definitely makes scheduling time to enjoy the finer things in life (spending lots more time with the wife, friends & family, fixing up a new house etc.) at little more chaotic at times. But I digress...

I've been asked consider learning all that I can about Docker. So I bought some books, started reading some things online and watched a few videos.

Wow. Big change is coming for IT. Container technology is already upsetting the industry and has already motivated me to learn more and second guess how I currently do things.

As I have time, I'm going to write up some things I've discovered & learned in hopes it will help someone else and as a way to to help me better learn Docker by talking about it with whoever decides to read this blog.

Until next time......