Saturday, August 31, 2013

Google Apps for Business - My First Deployment Experience

Today I had the opportunity to help a local SMB start-up make the switch to Google Apps

Never having had the opportunity to deploy this offering I was a little worried that things wouldn't go right, or that the process would take too long. I did do quite a bit of reading, researching scenarios and planning prior for some different possible issues that may have to be dealt with during the migration.

Wow, I was wrong. 

This was a really small deployment (only two employees currently, but will be growing in the coming months) so yeah, maybe not what some would call big deal, but again, >this guy< never has done this before. So to be done with the domain verification with GoDaddy and be up and running in 15 minutes shocked me!

The SMB I was working with on this will be taking advantage of some Google Apps enabled CRM and Project Management systems which was their primary decision in going with Google Apps. It is so easy to add capabilities to Google Apps accounts / organizations. Literally with the click of a button you can deploy services that you need and do so instantly over the web. Think of Google Apps for Business as a single LEGO piece, that you can take and build into whatever you like by snapping more pieces to it. To start off at $5 per account per month, any SMB that is dealing with a highly mobile & distributed workforce should be using technology like this.