Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bill's Recommendations: WinMerge

In an earlier post I spoke about how a little utility called WinMerge really saved me a lot of time comparing some folders related to a project I had undertaken. I decided to write a little more about this little gem and how I have incorporated it into my toolkit and started using it on a daily basis.

WinMerg is a file & folder merge and differences tool that is cross platform, working on both Windows & Linux OS. It is even available as a portable app. It also has a very intuitive interface using easy to understand visuals.

My experience with this software has been very pleasant. I was able to install the software rather quickly, both in the portable format and for Windows. The folder comparison was rather quick and allow for the ability to generate a report. Overall the interface is very easy to understand just like their site says. The documentation is also very sufficient.

My favorite part about this software is that it is FREE & OPEN SOURCE!

So far I have used it to do directory comparisons, word documents, text files (logs), and single folder comparisons. This tool has been very accurate each time I have used it and it has earned a permanent spot in my toolkit. I highly recommend this software for anyone needing to do some accurate file and folder comparisons.

Download WinMerge Here.